Product Background:

PKE, or Palm Kernel Expeller, is a nutritious ground meal with good levels of protein and oil. It can either be fed year round to increase milk solid production or used as a supplement to buffer pasture growth.

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Golden Dried Distillers Grain

Product Background:

Golden Dried Distillers Grain (GDDG) offers ruminants a palatable, low-starch product with high levels of bypass protein, B vitamins, phosphorus, and highly digestible fibre.

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Thai Tapioca 50% Residue Pellets

Product Background:

Tapioca pellets are a high-starch, high energy, low fat, low NDF (Neutral Detergent Fibre) supplementary feed, processed from raw tapioca roots. Tapioca is suitable for year round feeding to dairy cows when fed as an energy supplement. But more typically it is an ideal feed in early spring when pasture protein levels are high.

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Canola Meal

Product Background:

High protein, free flowing canola meal, fed as a blend in feed mixes or via in-shed feeding systems, is ideal for farmers looking to boost protein levels in their herd’s diet.

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Soy Hull Pellets

Product Background:

In diets with forage consumption, Soy Hull Pellets can increase forage intake and digestibility. Studies show lactating cows can peak earlier, with greater production levels, when Soy Hull Pellets are included in their diet.

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Soybean Meal

Product Background:

Soybean Meal is highly palatable and one of the highest available protein feeds on the market. Soybean Meal is a cost-effective way to add protein to your dairy ration.

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Corn Gluten Feed Pellets

Product Background:

Corn Gluten Feed Pellets (CGFP) is the base product for numerous dairy rations around the world. With solid amounts of protein and energy and pelletized form for added flow ability this product is ideal for your silo blends.

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Value Max Range

Product Background:

Cost-effective, high quality feed options designed to meet the requirements of cows at different times of the year.

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Calf Feed

Product Background:

Value Max Calf assists in achieving liveweight gain targets for your weaners.

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